Fischer Votes To Re-Open Government, Prevent Default

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) today released the following statement upon voting in favor of an agreement to re-open the government and prevent default:

“Today I voted to both open up the government and prevent a default.  I firmly believe that a government should not intentionally make life harder on its people. A government shutdown, combined with a default on our debt, would pose an unacceptable threat to our national and economic security.  This agreement preserves spending cuts enacted by the Budget Control Act, …

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Fischer Opposes Military Action, Criticizes “Pinball Diplomacy”

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) announced this morning that she will oppose military intervention in Syria at this time:

“All along, I have called for the president to present the American people with a coherent plan for military action in Syria. While the president made an impassioned moral case in last night’s address, his argument regarding a significant U.S. national interest remains weak. Indeed, even his argument for an overwhelming moral purpose is undercut by his desire to focus narrowly on the latest …

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Fischer Opposes Schumer-Corker-Hoeven Amendment

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) released the following statement upon voting to oppose advancing the Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amendment:

“Though I appreciate the efforts of my colleagues, the Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amendment falls short on a number of critical border security issues. Rather than simply throwing taxpayer money at the problem with promises of dramatic improvements, we need a proposal that brings about verifiable, measurable results along the southern border. I support a carefully crafted border security plan that is strategy-driven, cost effective, accountable, and responsive to …

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