Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Today, retired Brigadier General Don Bacon, a Republican congressional candidate for Nebraska’s 2nd district, reiterated his earlier stand that the proposed agreement with the Iranian Republic is wrong for America and our allies. This comes on the heel of an email sent out by the office of Congressman Brad Ashford regarding this deal.

On August 4th, Congressman Brad Ashford sent out an email asking recipients to select “yes” or “no” regarding their support for the pending nuclear agreement with Iran. In his email, he indicated that he is still in the process of studying the details of this international agreement and the email fails to indicate whether he supports or is against this deal with Iran.

In response, Don Bacon said the following: “We live in a dangerous world and the actions of Iran have consistently proven that they are our adversary. Even with this agreement, Iran has shown their true face by continuing to hold four American hostages. We should believe it when Iran says it is our enemy–its actions have shown it. Unlike my opponent, I have seen firsthand how Iran was involved in killing American service members in Iraq using the Shi’a militias that they armed, trained, funded and often led. With this agreement, Iran will still maintain a nuclear infrastructure that will enable them to produce a nuclear weapon, will get access to billions of dollars, will be able to buy weapons and ballistic missile technology, will grow as a regional power, will continue to be the world’s largest exporter of terrorism, and will be a growing threat to Israel. I don’t need a poll to see that this agreement is wrong for America and our allies. American foreign policy is too important to be decided by holding a finger in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing.”

“As your next Congressman, you can count on me being prepared day one with regard to the critical security issues facing this country. You will know my principles and where I stand on key issues. Shifting with the wind is not leadership.” said Bacon.

Don Bacon joined the Air Force in 1985 and served for over 29 years. He served in the intelligence, electronic warfare, reconnaissance and public affairs career fields and had 16 assignments all over the world. He commanded twice at the wing level, to include at Ramstein Air Base in Germany and Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. He deployed four times during his career to the Middle East to include commanding an electronic warfare squadron during the invasion of Iraq and a year-long tour to Baghdad during the surge in 2007-2008. Don and his wife Angie live in Papillion.

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