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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Today, retired Brigadier General Don Bacon, a Republican congressional candidate for Nebraska’s 2nd district, called on Congressman Brad Ashford to take a stand on the Iran Deal.

Last week, Congressman Brad Ashford sent out an email asking recipients to select “yes” or “no” regarding their support for the pending nuclear agreement with Iran. In his email, he indicated that he is still in the process of studying the details of this international agreement and the email fails to indicate whether he supports or is against this deal with Iran. Congressman Ashford has also been quoted in a Bloomberg article saying he would likely oppose the agreement if he had to decide “now.”

In response, Don Bacon said the following: “I’ve read the agreement and have studied the analysis of those supporting and those opposing this agreement. I’ve studied Iran in multiple assignments, helped stand up ballistic missile defense capabilities in Israel, been part of our intelligence community, been deployed four times to the Middle East and have seen the nefarious actions of Iran close up during my year in Baghdad. The end result of this agreement is crystal clear… Iran will become a recognized nuclear power, will grow economically and militarily, will grow as a regional power, will have increased abilities to fund terrorist groups in the region and world, and will become a larger threat to Israel and to our nation. Therefore, I oppose this agreement and recommend we continue the economic sanctions and weapons embargo.”

“I call on Congressman Ashford to make his position known unambiguously. This is a grave national security issue, and straddling the fence and shifting positions will not be acceptable. I urge him to clearly oppose the agreement. His vacillation to date is an affirmation as to why we need more folks in Washington DC with real world national security experience and less career politicians,” said Bacon.
August 3, 2015

Brad Ashford’s Latest Liberal Vote Supporting Pelosi & Obama:

Brad Ashford is voting liberal but does vote on some Conservative Bills in the ‘Yea.’ He is doing this to show or tell us that he is one of us Conservatives when in fact he is just trying to re-elected. Of course, the OWH is extremely bias to his liberal views and you will not see much in the paper of his liberal votes but you WILL see when he votes Conservatively.

Here is the last Vote:

Congressional Approval of Major Rules – Vote Passed (243-165, 25 Not Voting)
The House passed a bill that would amend the Congressional Review Act to require Congress to approve all executive agency regulatory proposals categorized as “major rules” before their implementation and would also create an expedited consideration process for joint congressional resolutions of approval. The bill defines “major rules” as regulations with an annual economic impact greater than $100 million, and would not require congressional approval of regulations that are not categorized as “major rules” or of rule proposals issued by the Federal Reserve or the Federal Open Market Committee.
Rep. Brad Ashford voted NO

This addresses Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act (REINS) Act. It would require Congressional Approval on any regulation that would have a greater economic impact over $100 million. It was in the last Congress too and Lee voted for it and cosponsored it. Once an unelected bureaucrat makes a rule like that, there isn’t much more Congress can do but try to defund it, and that track hasn’t been very successful. So this puts the power and accountability back into the hands of Congress and is just plain good government. Of course, this would have to get through the Senate without a filibuster from the Democrats and then the President would have to sign it into law. Such as, the latest actions by the EPA to get rid of coal fired power plants.

So here is where Brad Ashford is showing his true colors of supporting Pelosi and Obama.
I receive the Congressional District 2 Voting results from the daily MegaVote emails which you can sign up for at yourself.

We must let the public know that Ashford is a die in the heart liberal and votes that way. He is desperately trying to get re-elected and is not showing his true colors so votes Conservatively sometimes.

Don’t believe for a minute that Brad represents Nebraska Conservative Principles and Values. As an incumbent he will be hard to beat. If he gets a second two year term he will be doubly hard to beat in 2018. As I pointed out in my 11 goals for the Party if re-elected as your Chairman at the January meeting, the number 1 goal was; ‘Number 1 Goal is to have the Sarpy County Republican Party help soundly defeat Brad Ashford in 2016.’

One way is to help educate the public on his voting record. This is the start of that education. Be sure and pass it along.
Jerry C. Anderson

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